Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall '10 Schedule.

Tomorrow will mark the official beginning of the second block. That means I am already half way through the semester. I am taking 15.5 credits, which hasn't been too hard.

My classes are:

  • Math 122: Calculus 1
  • German 301: Intermediate German
  • Rel A302: The Old Testament
  • Stat 124/125: SAS Certification 1 & 2
  • Stat 224: Statistical Computing 1
  • EXSC 191: Beginning Weight Lifting
  • REL A121: The Book of Mormon

I am attending BYU, an LDS school, as a nonmember. There are very few differences in attending as a member or nonmember here. I have to extra tuition, which is equivalent to paying out of state tuition. I also am not required to attend church, while the LDS students are. However, I do have to take Book of Mormon classes. I will have to write on how that class is going eventually.

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