Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our 2008 Christmas Tree

I do not like snow.

Growing up I loved snow, but ever since the Winter Break of my senior year in high school, I have despised it.

The first thing you need to know is that when it snows in Portland, OR, everything shuts down! The city is literally incapable of dealing with snow. There are a limited number of snow plows. This means that only the freeways seem to get plowed. But what is the point of plowing the freeways if nobody can get out of their streets at home to get to the freeways?

So back to Winter Break 2008. School got cancelled for the entire week before break was scheduled to start. While normally I would have been ecstatic about an extended break, this week was different. The callbacks for the spring musical were scheduled for that week and I just wanted to get them over with. Instead I had to stress over them for an extra two weeks. Also, the snow didn't end after that canceled week of school. I was stuck at home almost the entire time.

My family ended spending Christmas morning a week later because we hadn't gotten a chance to do any preparations. We had a Christmas tree, but no way to get to the tree decorations that were in a small storage unit we had had at the time. I ended up decorating the 8 foot tree by myself from things I could find around the house. These things consisted of paper snowflakes and pointsettas and strings of microwavable popcorn.

Flash forward to now. Imagine my reaction to walking out of my calculus lab yesterday to find that it was snowing. It didn't stick, but it was a bitter reminder of what will eventually come and stay. For a very long time.

What are your feelings about snow? Do you have a least favorite type of weather?

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