Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Extreme Couponing.

I would like to become an extreme couponer someday. An extreme couponer is able to buy hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for mere pennies. These people also donate tons of food to local food pantries that they got for free.

Unfortunately, I don not think I can ever actually become an extreme couponer. It takes an average of 40 hours a week to collect, cut, and plan. Who has that kind of time? Even a stay at home mom doesn't have that kind of time. Who is watching the children? But its fun to imagine how much money one could save with all of those coupons floating around.

Since I discovered extreme couponing, I have paid more attention to the coupons that I see everywhere around me. Although I still don't really use them. The one thing I have used was to get a gallon of chocolate for a dollar. But I didn't need the chocolate milk, I only bought it because I had a coupon, which is the whole point of coupons!

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