Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Television.

I generally do not watch much television any given week. This is not because I don't watch any tv though. There is a multitude of shows that I watch during the fall season, but it always seems like there are only two new episodes any given week because of weird scheduling. Unfortunately, that was not the case this week. For one of the first times ever, every show I watch had a new episode this week. It has turned into quite an overload, but is somehow perfect for my night of doing absolutely nothing. Here is a list of the shows I watch with brief descriptions of each:


Glee is about a high school Glee club, which is basically a glorified show choir. I like this show because it reminds me of my days in my high school's theatre. A lot of the people on the show are relatable to people I knew in our theatre.


Bones is about a forensic anthropologist and a FBI agent who work together to solve murders by looking at the bones of the victim. This season is especially good because two very important characters have finally gotten together.

Modern Family

Modern Family is about a family and their many quirks. I love this show, but it lives on awkward situations. There are times when the awkwardness in this show is just too real for me though.

The Office

This show is about a small town paper company and the people who work there. Like Modern Family, this show also lives on awkwardness. Again, the awkwardness can be too real for me a lot of the times. (Especially in the Dinner Party episode).


Psych is about a psychic detective agency, but the "psychic" isn't really psychic, he is just very observant. This show always makes me laugh, but I think that I would get more of the jokes if I grew up in the 80's.


The newest addition to my Fall line up is Whitney. This is about a long term couple and the things that happen after you have been dating for such a long time. This is kind of different because I feel like most shows focus either on people having one night stands or people starting new relationships. I like this show because there are some definite things that I can relate to in it that just make me laugh.

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