Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peppermint Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

This week at the Helaman Creamery we accidentally unveiled a new ice cream flavor: Peppermint Peanut Butter. This ice cream was somehow accidentally made by the BYU ice cream factory and then delivered to our store to be sold. Surprisingly, this ice cream is actually really good. It looks like peppermint ice cream with pieces of peanut butter cups mixed in with it. However, it tastes like peanut butter ice cream, but every once in a while it tastes kind of minty. The flavors never mix though. One second you taste just the peanut utter and the next second you taste only mint.

It has become quite a hit and we are almost completely out. I was tentative to like it in the first place for this exact reason. I knew that it was a fluke and that we would never get it again. I will miss this ice cream dearly. it was fun while it lasted. And who knows, maybe enough people will have liked it that they will have to make it a regular flavor.

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